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A Super Calculator, many maths functions, charts, 20 educational and ludic games. Math Functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, x2, 1/x, root, %, log, exp, pi, hyperbolic x^y, secant, asec, cotang. Factorization. Financal: expiries, capital, rate, currencies... Stats: Memorize points, average and regression, factorial, Anm, Cnm Dates: day of a date. Complexes: operations on complex numbers (add, powers, products...). Memorize all steps, and possibility to go back. Curves: Chart between two X for functions y=f(x). Calculations in radians and degrees. Conversions of units (weight, distances, powers, temperatures, etc...). Amounts in letters... Planets ephemerids, Jupiter Satellites, Triangle Geometry (Euler and Simson lines, ...) Games on Gravitation. Fourier Series... Pi decimals (10000), Chaotic Pendule simulation, Solar System Simulation, other games (invaders, blocs, balls, billard, ...). Calendars conversions, Periodic Table of Elements and Molar Mass Calculation, Statistics, Taylor expansion, Bernoulli, Gamma, Euler functions, Prime numbers...

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